The fourth session program is the following:

02:30 pm : Keynote Lecture #4 given by Dr. Emmanuel Lhuillier – Title : Infra-red Optoelectronic Using Nanocrystals
03:00 pm: Keynote Lecture #5 given by Prof. Abdel Ilah El Abed – Title : Droplet Microfluidics Technology for Continuous and Highly Sensitive Optofluidic Sensing of Chemicals and Temperature at the Micro/nano Scales
03:30 pm: Keynote Lecture #6 given by Prof. Mohamed Dammak – Title : Up and Down Conversion in Nanophosphors for White Light Displays, Photovoltaics and Biological Applications
04:00 pm : Coffee Break + Poster : Session III
05:00 pm : Oral Session D (8 oral communications)
07:00 pm : Dinner

Download the program (program_final)