1. Abstracts must report original scientific data collected by the author(s).
  2. Language: All abstracts are to be written in English. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts where the English structure makes comprehension difficult.
  3. Submission: All abstracts must be submitted via the Online at the link.
  4. Abstracts should be limited to a maximum of 250 words.
  5. One page length.
  6. Use the provided template downloadable at this link.
  1. You will be notified of receipt of your abstract by email.

Abstract Preparation

  • Title of abstract
  • Names and contact details of author(s) organisation, city /country, email and mailing address.
  • The abstract must include the following sections: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.


You can download the template at the following link (press here to download). Please to not alter the template.

Title: Arial 10-point bold

Main text : Times New Roman 11-point, simple spacing.

Graphical abstract (recommended) and its caption.

References (optional): Arial Narrow 9-point, simple spacing.